This site contains geotechnical software that can be downloaded free of charge. The software can be used to perform geotechnical calculations, such as slope stability analysis and sheet pile deformation. Other software is courseware, with a basic course on soil mechanics, exercises and tests. Each program contains information on its functionality in the form of Help-options or Manuals.

The software is distributed on the condition that no responsibility is accepted for eventual errors, and that no liability for damages or losses that may be caused by the use of the programs is accepted.

Since early 2002 this website has had more than 1000 visitors per month. As of 2012 the number of visits per month is around 5000 visitors consuming around 30 GiB of bandwidth.

I would like to thank all users of this software for the many helpful and comments made over the past 18 years.

Kind regards,

Arnold Verruijt